On My Own

I have recently moved into my own place so I have been more busy with unpacking and cleaning than I have with anything else. I am in love with my new apartment and so excited to start decorating more.


My next goal is to purchase an easel because I want to start painting and try something new. I also plan on finally finishing some old drawings that I have worked on in the past.


The apartment in general is exactly what I was looking for with granite, hardwood flooring, and stainless steel appliances. I also have a built in desk which is very helpful since I was already planning on getting one.

unicornmountedAll I need is for my unicorn head to arrive so I can mount it to my wall to make my unicorn wall complete.

Other than beginning to create more art, I also plan on doing a post at least once a week now instead of once every two weeks. Also follow me on Instagram (link is in sidebar) for more updates on what I’m doing.


Keeping Busy

I’m still as busy as ever between working, working out, finding an apartment and trying to create art. I still need to update my portfolio and get a shop opened so I think I’ll have it all done by the end of the month. Here’s my latest drawing that I completed:


It’s pretty simple but I enjoyed createing something with really clean lines and a pretty color scheme.


An Update on Chaos


So I started to add some color and I experimented with a colored pencil blending pen (much different than the regular blending colored pencils). It does a decent job at blending the pigment together but it is watery and causes some areas to look blotchy. I do not think that I will be using this kind of blender again but it was fun to try out.

As for the piece itself, it is not exactly turning out the way that I imagined, but at the same time it was mostly just a study of balance and color. I’m still trying to decided where to add more color and where to throw in some glitter. If anyone has any suggestions let me know!