New Work In Progress

I started a new drawing last week and will be continuing to add to it throughout the next few weeks.


I think I’m going to keep it mostly graphite and ink for now and experiment with the background a lot.


Hillary Lately

I have many events coming up in the last half of this year. My senior exhibition is coming up quicker than I imagined, my sister will be getting married shortly after that, and then I will be graduating and hopefully getting a big girl job. As for this past week, things have been complete chaos while trying to figure out how to schedule my life around school and work while also maintaining some kind of social life. I’m more addicted to my planner and my budget book than I have ever been and I think the stress over planning everything is going to make me more crazy than the actual work and events I plan on doing.

skull bows

Now for the fun stuff…Finally received all the items I purchased online including my skull bows! I’m really excited about my hairy white sweater too so I’ll be posting pictures of me wearing it as soon as it cools down here in the desert. Also got my nails done again so prepare for a typical nail picture.


A Whole New World

So recently, and for the first time, I allowed myself to put a sum of money away to explore the world of online shopping. One day I will be selling my own work and items online so I wanted to start supporting others that do so as well! I am always spending countless hours liking clothing and accessories on tumblr and pinterest and for once I wanted to actually purchase something of my own.

Flower_20Skull_20Print_20Sleeveless_20Cotton_20VestSKU072249-1_original_original_originalI gave in and finally created my first pinterest this month and this was the very first thing that I posted to my clothing inspiration board. I was so excited when I found this online for cheap with free shipping.

fauxfursweateritsvintageIf you keep up with my posts on a regular basis, you will notice that this one is very familiar. It is basically what started this itch to buy cute clothes online.

PhotoGrid_1365093257313_originalI stumbled across this bow and absolutely fell in love. Each bow is handmade and every skull is different because she hand-paints them herself!

So if you’re an artist/maker, instead of going to the mall, consider some online shopping and support others just like yourself. ❤

An Urban Obsession

Urban Outfitters

I’m a huge supporter of antique and thrift stores but I still  have the most unhealthy obsession with the apartment section of Urban Outfitters and am not ashamed to admit it.  From their birthday cards to their kitchen trinkets, my wish list becomes endless.

Magical Birthday Card- Urban Outfitters

Magical Birthday Card- Urban Outfitters


Persian Cat Frame- Urban Outfitters

Skull Bank- Urban Outfitters

Skull Bank- Urban Outfitters

Who would like to donate to the ‘Hillary needs a Persian Cat Frame’ Fund? (^o.o^)~