Self Portrait

New Work In Progress

I started a new drawing last week and will be continuing to add to it throughout the next few weeks.


I think I’m going to keep it mostly graphite and ink for now and experiment with the background a lot.


Sneak Peek

It is really a shame that I am so busy this semester because I finally have the chance to create and focus on my own personal work.  Pretty soon I will be finishing an online class that currently takes up about 90 percent of my free time so I will finally finish all my pieces for gallery.  I’m nervous about doing another self portrait and so far I have only done this sketch.  I am still debating on the kind of imagery I want to incorporate and whether or not to include color.

sneak peekThe real drawing will be vertical, 22×30 inches, and the self portrait wont be taking up as much space on the page. If anyone has any fun ideas let me know! I will be working on sketches for this one throughout the next week.

Gallery Planning

With only a month and a half left before my opening I’ve been working hard to figure out what kind of pieces or even overall theme to have for my senior exhibition. So far I will be including two of my favorite pieces from last year and I’m already in the process of finishing another one. I have a large self portrait left to do and then one small drawing.


I have been really stressed out about layouts and the idea of how much it is going to cost if I want to get my artwork framed. Luckily the completion of art is the part that I am struggling the least with. I’ve had a lot of inspiration lately so we shall she how it goes. I’m also having a sketchbook for people to look through which will most naturally be filled with glitter and unicorns.