More Drawing and Clean Eating

I have been busier that ever lately but have still found some time to work on my drawings. Also, I will be going to Tomorrow World in Georgia in September so I have also been focusing more on my diet and exercise as well.

unnamed (2)

As for my diet, I have cut out all bad carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, etc.) and dairy. I have only been eating fruit, vegetables, and meat. So far it has worked out and I have not had too many bad cravings.




 I have also gotten into this ring trend and finally decided to try white nails.


 Always looking for ideas and constructive feedback on my drawings, so if you have any please let me know!


Sneak Peek

It is really a shame that I am so busy this semester because I finally have the chance to create and focus on my own personal work.  Pretty soon I will be finishing an online class that currently takes up about 90 percent of my free time so I will finally finish all my pieces for gallery.  I’m nervous about doing another self portrait and so far I have only done this sketch.  I am still debating on the kind of imagery I want to incorporate and whether or not to include color.

sneak peekThe real drawing will be vertical, 22×30 inches, and the self portrait wont be taking up as much space on the page. If anyone has any fun ideas let me know! I will be working on sketches for this one throughout the next week.

Preliminary Sketches

Now that I’ll be graduating, I finally have the chance to work on my own pieces with no requirements. I stress out a lot when it comes to drawing on large sheets of thick paper. I never want to mess up so my goal was to start by making a tiny drawing. That way I know  exactly how to handle it once I go big. Here’s what I have so far:

preliminary eye sketchStill need to add more but almost ready to begin another drawing.