New Work In Progress

I started a new drawing last week and will be continuing to add to it throughout the next few weeks.


I think I’m going to keep it mostly graphite and ink for now and experiment with the background a lot.


An Update on Chaos


So I started to add some color and I experimented with a colored pencil blending pen (much different than the regular blending colored pencils). It does a decent job at blending the pigment together but it is watery and causes some areas to look blotchy. I do not think that I will be using this kind of blender again but it was fun to try out.

As for the piece itself, it is not exactly turning out the way that I imagined, but at the same time it was mostly just a study of balance and color. I’m still trying to decided where to add more color and where to throw in some glitter. If anyone has any suggestions let me know!