More Drawing and Clean Eating

I have been busier that ever lately but have still found some time to work on my drawings. Also, I will be going to Tomorrow World in Georgia in September so I have also been focusing more on my diet and exercise as well.

unnamed (2)

As for my diet, I have cut out all bad carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, etc.) and dairy. I have only been eating fruit, vegetables, and meat. So far it has worked out and I have not had too many bad cravings.




 I have also gotten into this ring trend and finally decided to try white nails.


 Always looking for ideas and constructive feedback on my drawings, so if you have any please let me know!


Room Inspiration

I’ve had a very long weekend after I moved into a new house and although it was stressful and this won’t be my room forever, I feel eager to create a new room for myself. My room is small but it has not discouraged me from wanting to build a stress free environment. I would love a space that is original yet clean and organized. As of right now I’m holding myself back from decorating too much and instead have been searching online for some ideas.

tumblr_mona1pKsgH1rzdn1xo1_500large (1)

Unicorn Hook urban

I’m totally thinking a more cleaner, classier look would be best even though I’m sure it will still end up being a mess of glitter and unicorns.