Keeping Busy

I’m still as busy as ever between working, working out, finding an apartment and trying to create art. I still need to update my portfolio and get a shop opened so I think I’ll have it all done by the end of the month. Here’s my latest drawing that I completed:


It’s pretty simple but I enjoyed createing something with really clean lines and a pretty color scheme.



Sneak Peek

It is really a shame that I am so busy this semester because I finally have the chance to create and focus on my own personal work.  Pretty soon I will be finishing an online class that currently takes up about 90 percent of my free time so I will finally finish all my pieces for gallery.  I’m nervous about doing another self portrait and so far I have only done this sketch.  I am still debating on the kind of imagery I want to incorporate and whether or not to include color.

sneak peekThe real drawing will be vertical, 22×30 inches, and the self portrait wont be taking up as much space on the page. If anyone has any fun ideas let me know! I will be working on sketches for this one throughout the next week.

Back to School


A View from the Drawing Studio

I have been a busy bee this week trying to balance working every day and starting school. With only one semester left,  I’ll be graduating with my B.F.A. in Drawing.  I have my senior exhibition coming up in the next two months so I will be even busier than I had originally anticipated.

Let the crazy, stressful semester begin!

It’s Been A Long Day

ErrandsIt was nice to get out of the house today and put on a decent outfit. I went to exchange some clothes, cash in all the change I’ve saved up for the past six months, buy presents for a baby shower, purchase a dress for my sister’s wedding, and finally, purchase my very own domain.