On My Own

I have recently moved into my own place so I have been more busy with unpacking and cleaning than I have with anything else. I am in love with my new apartment and so excited to start decorating more.


My next goal is to purchase an easel because I want to start painting and try something new. I also plan on finally finishing some old drawings that I have worked on in the past.


The apartment in general is exactly what I was looking for with granite, hardwood flooring, and stainless steel appliances. I also have a built in desk which is very helpful since I was already planning on getting one.

unicornmountedAll I need is for my unicorn head to arrive so I can mount it to my wall to make my unicorn wall complete.

Other than beginning to create more art, I also plan on doing a post at least once a week now instead of once every two weeks. Also follow me on Instagram (link is in sidebar) for more updates on what I’m doing.


Room Inspiration

I’ve had a very long weekend after I moved into a new house and although it was stressful and this won’t be my room forever, I feel eager to create a new room for myself. My room is small but it has not discouraged me from wanting to build a stress free environment. I would love a space that is original yet clean and organized. As of right now I’m holding myself back from decorating too much and instead have been searching online for some ideas.

tumblr_mona1pKsgH1rzdn1xo1_500large (1)

Unicorn Hook urban

I’m totally thinking a more cleaner, classier look would be best even though I’m sure it will still end up being a mess of glitter and unicorns.