Portrait Sketch


I think that portraits are my favorite thing to draw and here is a sketch I did recently for someone. I am going to continue on the self portrait I started a few weeks ago, but I also just found a blank illustration board I never did anything with. I will be creating another piece soon and might incorporate some paint and glitter.  In the meantime, I will also be packing and preparing to move into a place of my own where I will be setting up an easel and starting to paint some more.


Keeping Busy

I’m still as busy as ever between working, working out, finding an apartment and trying to create art. I still need to update my portfolio and get a shop opened so I think I’ll have it all done by the end of the month. Here’s my latest drawing that I completed:


It’s pretty simple but I enjoyed createing something with really clean lines and a pretty color scheme.


Life After College

I’ve been adjusting to a new full time job recently while still keeping my old part time job and doing a few commissioned drawings on the side for a few friends. I’m going to be keeping myself real busy now that I’m a college grad and will continue to create artwork. As of now, I will be posting updates and progress pictures every week. Currently trying to sell these pieces: