Glitter Art

In the mood to be crafty with glitter again




So bring on the pink, the purple, and the silver glitter ❤  

All That Glitters Continued…


I recently went to Ulta to get some more glitter/shimmer make-up and I’ve always found that NYX has the best selection. I also use their primer, foundation, and powder so I guess you can say they are my favorite brand! This afternoon I purchased the Aqua Luxe Lipgloss and the Liquid Crystal Liner.

nyxglosshighsociety-crystal liner

So if you’re looking for some quality yet affordable make-up I would definitely recommend this brand!

Shimmer make-up

Wear your art

Bumble Rape
Ink on cotton shirt

During my first semester of school in the art program we created  linoleum prints and when our projects were finished we then transferred them onto shirts. I thought this was a really creative way to make original shirts and even promote your art. For an art show I was in once I also created a shirt with my piece on it.

T-shirt transfer

Acrylic paint on Bristol Board

Now looking back at these old photos I’m totally feeling inspired to put all my artwork on shirts and just wear them around! Excited to get a new DIY project started. Now all I need is a ton of T-shirt transfers and glitter that works well with fabric…

Disregard the awful orange and blonde hair… as well as the Hello Kitty ears…