A Little Personal

Open For Business

I am super excited because I have started my Etsy shop and made it accessible through my site. I am getting ready to add some more stuff this up coming week. Also, if anyone has any feedback on anything you would like to see more of, please let me know!

Horror Show

I have posted this on my Instagram and Tumblr already, but this is my original sketch of this drawing. I framed it last week and just put it up for sale in my shop. It is my absolute favorite and will be hard to let go of, but I know a lot of people who really liked it, so I would love to share it with someone else who loves it just as much as me. I will also be making copies of this one as well.


Becoming More Professional

Updating everything on the blog here now that I will be opening up my own shop online soon. I have finally hung all my favorite pieces up on the wall in my bedroom and have been busy with preparing for a move next month. Currently working on some ideasĀ and there will be more drawings to come.

room image

Life After College

I’ve been adjusting to a new full time job recently while still keeping my old part time job and doing a few commissioned drawings on the side for a few friends. I’m going to be keeping myself real busy now that I’m a college grad and will continue to create artwork. As of now, I will be posting updates and progress pictures every week. Currently trying to sell these pieces: