Coffee & Art

Exhausted from the past weekend but have the next two days off. Ready for some coffee, some relaxation and maybe some art making! I’ve been wanting to do more with glitter so if anyone has any fun ideas please feel free to share. ❀



      1. Holy sh*t I need that! It would be the perfect camouflage g or my glue trail. Have you seen the glitter walls? Seems like a super easy project but I’m stuck in a rental

      2. I want like glitter floor, wall, ceiling…everything. I feel ya, I live with my parents in a small patio home…even when we lived in a huge house I was limited cause my parents want a nice clean home of course. I just want to be rich and build my own home. haha

      3. Same…and the many hours I spent playing the Sims…only to build the homes. My mom thought that I was actually going to be some kind of designer for that kind of stuff.

      4. Holy sh*t your my sister! Me too! 90% of my Sims play was just building houses. I contemplated going into drafting and design but put it on the back burner for a while

      5. I am so glad I’m not alone. I thought about doing that too but just stuck to illustration. I’ve considered interior design because my mom did it professionally for a while. She did it with no college education or training either. So anything is possible I guess!

      6. I’m in limbo. Contemplated being an art teacher but teachers pay is ridiculous, do a lot of free lance painting but haven’t found my niche yet. I’ve thought bout being a florist, interior designer, dress maker, illustrator, but I’m woman therefore I change my mind every week

      7. Hahah yup. That’s the boat I’m in. Which is probably why we all have blogs. I thought about teaching too because of the nice schedule it would be with summer off but yeah. eh.

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